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It is not good to be a member of the Manchester City club at the moment. Cited for serious charges by the Premier League, the other club in the city of northern England is at risk. For its image of course, although this has never been the most glorious even at the height of its domination. Then for his future. But if, behind the scenes, the headwinds are strong, on the ground the storm awaits. Pep Guardiola got it back in order, and quickly because additional deadlines are coming.

The word of the Spanish technician was watched. What was he going to say about the many accusations against Man City? What was his position going to be regarding his personal case? The Catalan chose the counter-attack, cursing the 19 other clubs who sought to bring down the ogre City from its pedestal, attacking Daniel Lévy, the president of Tottenham. In short, he became one with the entity and ensured that he would be there to defend it until the end. An act of loyalty not surprising in the heart of the storm.

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« This clash is tantalizing because both teams are imperfect »


Three defeats that do not worry Guardiola

This is an investigation into the Premier League lit and second fire in the home of Manchester City. After dominating seasons, the Citizens find themselves struggling to keep pace with a leader who is advancing very quickly. Not Liverpool this time, but Arsenal, which no one had imagined at this level this season. And it’s not the last few weeks that will fix the deal since in the space of less than a month City have fallen three times, including two in the league.

Nothing is going quite well in 2023 at the Etihad Stadium. First there was this defeat in the Carabao Cup which had not alerted anyone against Southampton. After all, Guardiola had rotated. There was then, more problem, that against the rival United in the championship. And these words of the coach who eyed the detractors, assuring that he « didn’t care“of those two competitions after having won so much, that what mattered to him was on the pitch where he believed City continued to produce what was needed. Finally there was that trip to Tottenham, and that defeat.

Erling Haaland, during the Tottenham-Manchester City match.

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Seeing City watching lately doesn’t quite have the same impression as Guardiola. And the cases of some players prove it. Why was Kevin De Bruyne, the best in the world in his position, on the bench against Tottenham? « Pep Guardiola tries hard to look like the mad professor with the decisions he makes and so far they’re not doing Manchester City any good« , wrote the former England international, Chris Sutton in the Daily Mail on this point. And at half-time, it was Ryad Mahrez that the coach attacked. A choice not understood by all…

Arsenal then the C1: City must react

Finally, there is the Erling Haaland case. By justifying bringing in the Norwegian giant, had City anticipated its reinvention? Of course, the former Dortmund player is second to none when it comes to converting the many opportunities that City play offers him, but is that really using his full potential? « We don’t see all of Haalandpointed Gareth Southgate on Sky. City scored the same number of goals as last season. He scored 25, but City scored the same number of goals overall. However, they have conceded more goals and are easier to counterattack now. It’s a different – and less good – team with Haaland in the squad« .

Investigation, significant risks, bad passes, critical decisions, Manchester City’s 2023 is indeed the most difficult for several seasons. We will quickly have to find solutions, otherwise spring could be tasteless. If Aston Villa, a club in the second part of the table, advances on Sunday (5:30 p.m.), it will be Arsenal, for a shock which could decide the outcome of the season in England, from Wednesday before the following week the first lifting of the eighth C1 final against Leipzig. Guardiola may « do not care » about any of this, but the supporters and his leaders probably don’t.

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City increasingly threatening to Arsenal


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Guardiola: « Steven Gerrard’s slip, was it our fault? »

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