ᑕ❶ᑐ A 98 world champion speaks with Mbappé’s “schmiblicks” at PSG!

The situation concerning Kylian Mbappé is causing annoyance in the media. A young world champion speaks in a way that speaks to the future of the French attack and the turmoil of those around him.

The Parisian arrives after the meeting with the club in June. Like many top players, the 2018 World Champion can be seen by suitors since January 1, 2024. PSG’s number 7 is of interest to several suitors, such as Real Madrid, ready to offer him the salary the highest in its history, or Liverpool. Without forgetting, of course, his current club, which also remains in the running.

« I do not care »

sour CMR, Christophe Dugarry expressed the wish that Kylian Mbappé leaves Paris Saint-Germain at the end of his contrast, that is. On the radio, at the start of Bordeaux, Barça and AC Milan, a response to the possible extension of the captain of the France team is expressed: « If he knows what he’s going to do, but say it as quickly as possible. » He says very well that the media will only talk about that. Does he like being at the center of the debate? I don’t know. (…) There is an impression that takes place in six months, that means: ‘He stays, he leaves’. I have enough. I’m tired of hearing rumors about his future club every six months. I’m sick of it. It doesn’t interest me, it doesn’t interest me anymore. ».

To conclude with a question: “Wouldn’t it be showing maturity to say: ‘In June at the latest, I will leave and I will do everything to have the best season of my career?’

However, Kylian Mbappé does not say that he is in a good position to find something new. While he has been heavily courted for several years by Real Madrid, contrary to what a former president of FC Barcelona thinks, the international with 75 caps must choose his future now.