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Privacy Policy:

Texts on our site:

If you leave a comment on the site, the data transcribed on the form presented on the screen, as well as the IP identification and the Internet user identifier of your browser are detected in order to give us the possibility of finding comments not allowed.

Securing your information:

When you hold a profile or if you have recorded comments on the site, you have the right to ask to collect a digital file accumulating all the personal data that we keep about you, enclosing those that you have provided to us. You also have the right to request the destruction of private data about you. This does not apply to data kept for statistical, legal or security purposes.

How long will your data be stored:

When you give a comment, the comment and its additional data are stored forever. This validates rigorously validating and inducing the following texts instead of keeping them in the moderators’ queue. When accounts that identify themselves on this site (as much as do this bit), we also accumulate the individual data specified in their profile. All individual spaces have the possibility to act on their personal data at any time. Site managers also have the option of viewing and modifying this data.

Data placed from other sites:

Posts on this site may include taken information (eg videos, images, posts, etc.). The content loaded from other sites behaves in a similar way as if the visitor were to go to this other site. These websites have the possibility of collecting data on you, activating cookies, memorizing external monitoring programs, actions with this data taken if you have an associated space on their website.

Regarding cookies:

When you upload a message to the site, you will save your name, e-mail and site in cookies. This is only for your ease of use so that you do not have to give this information in the event that you file a new text later. These cookies expire after one semester. When you go to the login sheet, an ephemeral cookie will be executed to determine whether your browser approves cookies. This does not contain any private information and will be mechanically deleted when you turn off your browser software. When you access, we will set a number of cookies for the purpose of establishing your login data and screen selections. The persistence of existence of a registration cookie is two days, the life expectancy of a screen option cookie is several months. When you mention “Remember me”, the login cookie will be archived for several days. When you close your personal space, the registration cookie will be lost. In cases where you modify or distribute an article, an additional cookie will be saved in your browser. This cookie does not include any personal identification. It simply informs the post ID that you have decided to correct. It ends after a few hours.

Use of your private data:

Guest comments may be reviewed through a mechanized irrelevant text discovery system.

Use and allocation of your personal data:

When you want your password disabled, your IP will be included in the reset email.

GDPR compatible.

Content data:

When uploading photographs to our site, we suggest that you do not upload icons that include EXIF ​​GPS coordinate data. People frequenting the site know how to take staking data from these files.