ᑕ❶ᑐ CBF publishes audio VAR on Santos x Vasco controversies and expulsions

The CBF broadcasts in March (3) in the VAR an audio analysis of the confusion in the route you are taking Santos opposite Vasco by 4 to 1, one Brazilian Championship, in Vila Belmiro. The incident occurred just minutes into the second period.

What happened was triggered by Sebastián Ferreira’s sudden entry after Soteldo tackled the ball on a throw-in. The game is based on the final result or Santos’ reserves. After the “firula”, the refereeing is reprimanded by the Venezuelan.

Initially, the match referee, Anderson Daronco (RS-FIFA), would send off Rodrigo Fernández and Gary Medel, in addition to a yellow card for João Paulo. At the moment it is the VAR which is responsible, Wagner Reway (VAR-FIFA-PB), affirms that the Uruguayan attack is not based on the expulsion of the « did not make an aggressive gesture » against the midfielder.

In part of the images, it is possible for the observer to have a conflict between Junior Caiçara and Pumita Rodriguez. Then, the young Gaucho informs that he will send off Lucas Lima for an « exchange of blows outside the game » with Medel, and a yellow card for Soteldo and Sebastián.

Then, after confirming the decision, some people were questioned by Deputy Michael Stanislau (RS), who was instructed by VAR not to justify the sanctions.

Now Santos focuses on the classic against Palm trees, at 4 p.m. (Brasilia time) this Sunday (8), at the Allianz Parque. For the duel, coach Marcelo Fernandes will not be able to count on Lucas Lima, Dodô, Soteldo and Rodrigo Fernández, suspended. If you get a knockout, Mendoza is insured for the game.

Following the string of two victories, the Fish managed to escape the relegation zone. A 15ª posted the Alvinegro Praiano is with 27 points, one more than Vasco, first club you Z4.

Santos’ next matches:

  • Palm trees (F) – Domingo (08/10), 4 p.m. – Brazil

  • Red Bull Bragantino (C) – Thursday (10/19), 8 p.m. – Brazil

  • International (F) – Domingo (10/22), 4 p.m. – Brazil

Vasco’s next games:

  • Sao Paulo (C) – Saturday (07/10), 6:30 p.m. – Brazil

  • Fortaleza (C) – Wednesday (10/18), 7 p.m. – Brazil

  • Flamengo (F) – Domingo (10/22), 4 p.m. – Brazil