ᑕ❶ᑐ D’Alessandro speaks out, plans to take Inter to court over debt and reveals grief: ‘What hurts is the treatment’

the duel between International e cruise mark the return of D’Alessandro to Beira-Rio this Saturday (1st). However, the meeting which should have been festive, gained tones of pressure from the idol of Colorado.

Prior to the game, the former player, who now served as Raposa’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé) coordinator, spoke about a debt the Rio Grande do Sul club owes him.

« It’s an old topic that’s been going on for six, seven years and that I’ve never shared, because it’s not my way of being, it’s not my nature. They were part of a completely confidential affair, but which came to light two weeks ago. Yes, he has a debt,” he began by declaring.

« When I returned to the club, you already know, I came with a salary which for (Site notre bureau spécialisé) is little. I accept all the conditions of the club, I have adapted to the situations and the difficulties that Inter have given me. presented in January 2022, when I returned from Nacional. What I wanted was to retire at Inter. Many people said that it would only be a farewell game and also said that the debt was up to date. The debt was never up to date, they were always late,” he added.

D’Alessandro explained that in early 2021 he reached an agreement with Colorado, but five installments have not been paid by the current board of president Alexandre Barcellos. Quite the contrary, the former midfielder admitted that he is even considering going to court against Inter to collect the amount of around R$3 million he still has to collect.

« I never looked for a strong decision against the club, because that’s what my heart tells me. So far, there is no solution that we have looked for, that we have been looking for. deal was all we wanted, I agreed, amended, value, time, installments. I agreed to everything, and it’s not happening, » he said.

« I do not rule out any possibility, option that arises, so that I can receive because my life has changed and I am no longer an athlete. I work outside Porto Alegre, without my family in Belo Horizonte. These are things that we proceed in the balance and we must fight for what is rightfully ours,” he said.

“I feel the treatment is not reciprocated, the treatment I gave to this board, what I gave to the club for many years. This debt came years ago, Giovanni, Marcelo Medeiros, but it has always been honored. It has never been lifted to date, but at the effort to pay. Dialogue, today there is no, there is little, there is no agreement, there is no treatment. I think I gave many years here at the club, so the possibility of making a very strong decision appears, ”exhaled.

Finally, the Argentine reiterated that he has always been open to dialogue with the board as he understands the club’s financial situation. However, according to D’Ale, the Inter management didn’t seek him out trying to solve the problem.

« Of course I belonged to the club, but there was always a close dialogue. That’s what upsets me, people failing each other, not keeping their word. I always have. He understands the situations of the club. I have never refused the time, the value, the installments. I just signed the paper. Today I am no longer an athlete and I can give you the details. What hurts me the most, it’s the treatment, the distance imposed on me. Not only by not respecting the agreement… I worked for a long time at the club and at some point I will come back. I have my children in the stands. It is a right that I will assert,” he added.

D’Alessandro said goodbye to the pitch last year, in Inter’s 2-1 victory over Fortaleza face, peer Brasileirao. That’s 14 seasons in Colorado, where there’s a 529-game, 12-title dispute.

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