ᑕ❶ᑐ Exclusive Reveal: A Bayern Munich sensation on Premier League breakthrough

Bayern Munich are preparing to welcome another player as well as Alphonso Davies.

The left back Canada is coveted in England, where Manchester City and Chelsea are closely monitoring this speedy blocker. His agent even opened the door to a departure, notably to Real Madrid, which worries the reigning German champion. Now Bayern Munich is also taking care of another room in the department, this time for a child plus children (20 years old).

Liverpool comes forward

Revelations from Christian Falk, journalist on X (former Twitter), indicate that Liverpool are interested in Jamal Musiala. The offensive environment, which begins the season with the club – 1 but 2 passes in 8 matches – is the same as in 2028 and has a higher value for the transfer market – 110 million euros. In other words, the German has not yet left Bayern, even if, as the journalist specifies, « his agents are currently not discussing with the club » for an extension.

The Reds spent a large sum of money to secure the Bundesliga leader’s participation in the international 24s at Anfield.

Musiala seduced by the PL

This is why the game is worried, Liverpool are waiting for months of difficulties. A few weeks ago, Jamal Musiala responded to Bild about a possible move to England: “The Premier League is already the strongest and most attractive league in the world at the moment, but I feel at I’m comfortable here and I’m focused on my success with Bayern. But you never know what will happen in a few years. »

The player has the door to a transfer « in the old years » to « the league of the strongest and most attractive in the world », which means that the transfer window of our site in the months to come.