ᑕ❶ᑐ Fábio Luciano criticizes Tiago Nunes’ statement after Botafogo’s failure and that the instructor should have made: « Not everything can be revealed »

Last Sunday (18), the Botafogo were beaten 4-2 by Vasco, amid Nilton Santos, in a classic for the Campeonato Carioca. And after the setbacks, the coach Tiago Nunes stole the show because of his Press conference statements about her children’s emotional expression.

This Monday (19), mornings 24 hours after the course and the interview, Commander Glorioso used social networks to speak out publicly and explain statements he believes were taken out of context.

Pendant the Cycle reviewYes ESPNthe former defender and commentator of Disney Channels Fabio Luciano commented on the controversy involving Tiago Nunes and disagreed with his statements – even after explaining them.

The former player said that everything that happens behind the scenes of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) should not be revealed and explained what nowes should have done in the situation like this.

Fábio Luciano also recalled the result of the last season of glory, which lasted the title Brazil after an almost perfect first tour, and the black and white commander constantly reliving these memories after the Rio team’s stumbles – which for him should not happen.

“For a troll, this statement is completely unnecessary. What this means in the concept does not depend on the imagination available to speak or after the explanation (of Tiago Nunes). Some of you have chosen leadership, as an instructor, and as a group leader you can also talk to the athlete, but you will not be able to expose yourself. This is a very strong statement. I imagine a group of children or other children, depending on that, asking another child, at the same time saying.

“The athlete goes through complicated times, feels them many times. It’s the coach’s obligation, it’s his job to detect that and maybe take it away from the team so the player can breathe. It was a bit plausible, the player would understand, but as he says – and he tries to correct himself later – some players ask to be excluded from the team because of this emotional charge, so it shines very badly in the Locker room and I think that’s reflected even in the second statement he makes. I spend a lot of time collecting, I have contact with the players, the player staff, the members of the board of directors, I also have to do that with the group and the outlines of the group, etc. try for the contoureur » , he continued.

“(Site notre blog d’information) is very dynamic to continue with this new situation, and Tiago Nunes, in this profession, has a great responsibility on the ice, which means that Botafogo’s result is the same on the surface, comments can he forget something. chose that the most responsible person exposes to each? Stop talking, shut your mouth, forget the subject, make sure the fan has a vague memory of what happened, but you are not responsible for bringing back those memories after every loss, let the group breathe a little fresh air. Personally, I didn’t like this statement. I think the Botafogo group probably didn’t like it either. Bury it and try to work in such a way that the results appear and you remove from your daily work day this burden that seems so strong,” he added.

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