ᑕ❶ᑐ Flamengo and Fluminense try to extinguish Vasco’s action and mock a rival in litigation for Maracanã: « Want causing damage and inconvenience »

The Maracanã contest involving flamenco, Fluminense e Vasco got another chapter. This Monday (24), the Red-Blacks and the Tricolors crossed a new band to try to renew the Duration of Authorization for Use (TPU) of the Maracanã, which expires this Tuesday (25).

Both clubs want to interest Vasco’s request for a writ of mandamus against the state government. On the other hand, the legal department of the club of Cruzmaltino has filed a writ of mandamus with a request for joinder so that the Civil House of the State of Rio de Janeiro organizes a public call for competition for the temporary attribution of the city

Due to all the actions taken by the clubs, the state government has taken a stand, presented its arguments for the renewal of the duration of the use authorization and defended the modality of temporary assignment.

In addition, the Civil House of the Government specifies that the non-celebration of the TPU can even lead to the « closure of the stadium for an indefinite period ». The state government attorney’s office pointed out that if the current TPU is not renewed, the Civil House would have to hire 23 different types of emergency services.

Rivals on the pitch, Flamengo and Fluminense have been walking together behind the scenes for a few years. And they don’t speak the same language as Vasco. The duo say Cruzmaltino’s interest, as a club today with 70% of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) under the control of 777 Partners, is « to improve financial returns » for SAF investors.

Moreover, in the 29-page document published by the site mainly via the GEFlamengo and Fluminense call themselves ‘the biggest clubs in carioca (Site notre bureau spécialisé)’ and say Vasco wants to ’cause inconvenience and inconvenience’.

Cruzmaltino, in turn, tries to prevent the duo from renewing the stadium’s temporary assignment for the seventh time. 777 Partners in the Maracanã project and would like to be part of the administration of the place alongside its rivals.

Among some measures devised by the North Americans, one of them is to bring more efficient technology to the Maracanã pitch. The idea is for the pitch to withstand Vasco, Flamengo and Fluminense games without showing much wear and tear, which the red-black and tricolor teams have been complaining about since the rival started playing there.

After the game between Vasco x Palmeiras, various last (23)midfielder Artur, who defends the alviverde team, criticized the pitch, as well as joão Martins, assistant who replaces Abel Ferreira.

“A lot of teams play here, there was a game yesterday (Saturday). The biggest stadium, as historic as it is, had to take care of it a little more, it is not in perfect condition, ”said the athlete alviverde.