ᑕ❶ᑐ Guardiola’s student at City suffered from short stature and had to live in accommodation after winning Libertadores: ‘He doesn’t live in the world of glamour’

In an interview with ESPN.com.br, former River Plate director Gustavo Grossi went behind the scenes of Julián Álvarez’s early career.

Although he is only 22 years old, the striker Julian Alvarez he already has titles and experiences on his CV that many « medals » have not achieved in their entire career. And, without a doubt, the main one is also the most recent: the conquest of world Cup a sin Argentinain December, in Qatar.

Expecting, long before the third World Cup with the Argentine national team, Álvarez provided other equally interesting experiences and that go back to when he was still one of the promises of the basic categories of the river plateclub that revealed it.

Promoted to the main team of millionaires em 2018the striker made his debut between a very special occasion: the decision of the Conmebol Libertadores against Boca Juniors. produce by Marcello Gallardo, Álvarez did not come on until the second half of the second game, played at the Santiago Bernabéu, in Madrid, and played for 23 minutes. River took the title after winning 3-1.

And Álvarez had a handicapped destiny. By mutual agreement with the Argentinian club’s board and Gallardo, the then 18-year-old jewel moved into River’s basic categories accommodation, living with boys younger than him. At the time, the striker suffered from his short stature and feared the exposure would harm his career development.

Former Sporting Director of River Plate, Gustave Grossiwho currently works at International, he remembers well this transition in the career of Álvarez. In an interview with ESPN.com.brthe official explained the striker’s decision and how it helped him become an even better player, also with Gallardo’s merits.

“I started at River Plate as soon as he arrived at the club. It is observed in Cordoba and it is a little younger, it worked with you in the initial training and in the transition to the profession. (Site notre blog d’information) has many stages. I remember a very interesting detail: he was always an athlete with a high technical level who played as a second striker and scored a lot of goals. Speaking with Marcelo Gallardo, he asked me if he would be a goalscorer who played in the center, I said that he played as he wanted because his evolution has no limits”, began with say.

“After playing in the 2018 Libertadores final against Boca Juniors, the boy was very exposed to the press and society. A decision was made, in agreement with me and the coach (Gallardo), that I would live in club accommodation. And he stayed (in the box) with pleasure. I have never had a player who contested the Libertadores final who agreed to live six months with 12 or 13 year old boys. He was already 18. That’s why I say it has no limit,” he continued.

 » Most important is its simplicity. He does not live in the world of glitz (glamor). He does not live in confusion and is a very calm boy. He agreed, as a professional River player, to continue living with his basic accommodation mates. It was the first time that I saw a boy who had been in the professional for more than 8 months accepting that he had things to improve and that he would not go out on the streets. A big credit to Gallardo, who I consider the best coach in the world. Not just with base athletes in transition, but even with experienced athletes. It ensures that a 28 or 30 year old athlete trains, evolves and plays more than he has played in the past,” he concluded.

On the course of the period, Álvarez is supposed to be a reference for the boys of the Academy of River Plate, all ahead of the place with Gallardo in the first team. And that was only shortly before playing his second Libertadores final, against flamencoem 2019who moved into an apartment with a family in Buenos Aires.

 » It was very peaceful, he was an idol of the base boys as he lived in the accommodation, ate lunch, dined with the same boys, although he had a fantastic appreciation on the pitch and in the international (Site notre bureau spécialisé) market. Six or eight months after playing for River and about to play the second Libertadores final, against Flamengo, he came to me other if he could live in an apartment, that his family would come to Buenos Aires from Córdoba. He has an intelligence above the curve,” he recalls.

Tested at Real Madrid, but returned

During the period, Álvarez was even able to do tests in the real Madrid, corn, because it is not available for the European passport, it is sent back to Argentina. And what happened next was ancient history, with more titles won by millionairesthe first call in Argentina can be transferred to Manchester City.

“I was with him at River for five and a half years. I think that when it came to being evaluated at Real Madrid, Fifa law did not allow them to do without a community passport. He never had this passport. Julián was very balanced, we were never in danger of losing him. He and his family never considered leaving River a good thing in the first place. He went to River High, played on the base, played on the reserve team until he made the first team. He had a lot of talent and virtues,” he concluded.

in January 2022months after the title of America’s Cup with Argentina, was negotiated with River Plate with the team of premier league for 18 million euros (about R$ 111 million at the time). He made his debut in July and has since competed 20 Games, journalism 7 objects and 2 help.

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