ᑕ❶ᑐ League president says he supports Vinicius Jr. and Real Madrid to leave the pitch in case of racism

In a press conference this Thursday (25), the president of the league, Javier Tebassaid he would support the eventual abandonment of the vinicius jr. and the cast of real Madrid if new cases of racism activated in Spanish Championship.

When asked if he is in favor of closing bleacher areas in stadiums, as will have been appropriate with Mestalla, from Valenceand with the stopping of matches in the event of racist crises, Tebas assured that he was OK with everything, and even with the abandonment of the field by the athletes.

“I am in favor, yes (of stopping matches and closing stadiums). What you said is very dangerous, the image is damaged, we see that if we don’t take action when people are shouting, the shouting comes because they haven’t looked for a solution in the end. It’s much more harmful to do nothing,” he stressed.

“It’s much better to stop the game than to continue to hide it, to let 15, 20, 30 idiots do all this in the stadium. I support (leaving the field). If the player feels affected (by the cries coming from the stands), of course I would encourage him (to leave the field)”, he added.

The league president, close to Vinicius Jr. and Real Madrid, walked off the pitch in case of racismcheers


League boss backs Vinicius Jr. and Real Madrid to walk off the pitch after racial slurs: ‘Better stop’

By: @LaLiga Santander | Javier Tebas, with the help of a simultaneous translator, held a press conference to address the racist attacks suffered by the Brazilian

The Thebes press conference takes place the next day boss of the league grant a long exclusive interview to ESPNin which he talked a lot about the « Vinicius Jr. » case.

In conversation, it’s a meme apologized to the player for the messages he shot Twitter just after the Racism episode in Valencia vs Real Madridnot last Sunday (21).

Wine, on the other hand, received several fan tributes merengue and his teammates if you match against Rayo VallecanoLast Wednesday (24).

Off the pitch, four supporters who had been arrested on suspicion of a hate crime against the Brazilian athlete were released on bail on Thursday (25).

Real Madrid’s next matches:

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  • Athletic Bilbao (B) – Sunday (04/06), 2 p.m. (from Brasilia) – the league – Live broadcast on ESPN No Star+