ᑕ❶ᑐ OM: Discover the real reasons for Ndiaye’s contrasting start to the season

Iliman Ndiaye, the most expensive recruit in the summer transfer window for Olympique de Marseille, scored his first goal of the season against AS Monaco.

During the transfer period, OM leaders did their best for recruiter Iliman Ndiaye, who had an excellent season with Sheffield United. After several twists and turns, the Senegalese finally signed with OM for 17 million euros, but his first performances were not convincing until this weekend.

Against the Monaco players, he achieved his first benchmark match by scoring a goal after 30 seconds of play and delivering an assist to Samuel Gigot after a quarter of an hour. However, the attacking midfielder was moderate until the end of the match: “ I think this match could be a turning point for me. Scoring one but me feels good. I hope I can continue. You would rather have a marquee and signal the match. We had started well. But we made mistakes. We must continue to work in training and avoid these mistakes » did he declare.

“I don’t think I was exaggerating.”

During his first appearances, Iliman Ndiaye tried many things, but with little success, often making the wrong choices. Despite everything, the esteem of not having strength during this period: “ I don’t think I did too much at the start of the season. Every match, I try to play my game. I can do even better. I didn’t put pressure on myself » did he declare.

Coming out with an injury at the start of the second period, the 23-year-old wanted to reassure the supporters in the mixed zone: “ It’s okay, it was just a little bump. I’m doing well,  » did he declare. Don’t forget to show up for the match against Brighton.