ᑕ❶ᑐ The Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Norte will investigate the crimes committed against the ABC athletes after their defeat in Serie B

The Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Norte announced this Sunday (9) that it will investigate the crimes committed against the athletes of the ABC after the defeat of Criciumaby 1 to 0, at home, by Brazilian Championship Serie B.

On this occasion, the cars of the Natal team players were stoned and their windows smashed. The fact happened after supporters invaded the club’s parking lot to vandalize the vehicles of the team’s athletes. No one was hurt.

The MPRN will ask the civil police to open an investigation to investigate crimes such as attempted murder, criminal association, damage to property, threats and riots caused in sports venues.

Here is the official note from the MPRN below:

The Rio Grande do Norte (MPRN) public prosecutor’s office is investigating the crimes against ABC players after the club’s loss to Criciúma this Saturday (8).

After the match, some players had their cars stoned inside the parking lot of the Frasqueirao stadium, in Natal. On social media, some reported that they were with their families at the time of the attack and that the children were almost untouched by the stones.

This Monday (10), the MPN will officiate with the Civil Police so that a police investigation can be opened to investigate the commission of at least the following crimes: attempted murder, criminal association, attack on private property , threat and riot in sports executive arena.

The MPRN has already asked the military police for a report on the facts recorded in Frasqueirao and will call back the security forces and the club later this week to assess the facts recorded. The MPRN anticipates that some criminals have already been identified and action will be taken against these individuals.

ABC Athletes took to social media after the incident. Forward Welliton and attacking midfielder Thonny Anderson have released (Site notre bureau spécialisé)age of the incident with captions stating the fact and worrying about their families.

 » It does not make sense. They broke my car in my work environment. If someone in my family had been in the car, I could have killed someone. It will never be (Site notre bureau spécialisé).this Welliton.

“They threw a stone 5 meters from my 2 year old son. If that rock hit his head, I probably wouldn’t hear his voice calling me daddy. But, thank God, no one was hit.writes Tony.

ABC director calls for punishment after attack on athletes

Marcelo Segurado, director of ABC, blasted the attitude of fans who broke athletes’ cars and demanded solutions against violence in Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

“How long is this going to happen? How long are we going to be hostages to these minorities? Real ABC fans supported the team, saw that the team had good times in the game, and unfortunately, another fatality, we didn’t win the game.

“Here are these people who think that through this violence, throwing a stone can affect a child, anyone. How long will our Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé) experience this type of situation? Public authorities must act in this regard, by providing penalties for those who commit this type of barbarity,” he wrote.

ABC also posted an official note on its social media:

ABC Futebol Clube comes here to repudiate any act of violence, as happened this Saturday (8), after the match against Criciúma/SC, at Estádio Frasqueirão, when vandals threw stones and hit the windows of Cars of Mais Querido players, smashing windshields, including one with a child in the vehicle.

We offer full solidarity to our athletes, their families, relatives and friends, who were surprised by such an act of vandalism.

Regarding the attitude of the challenge, to understand the difficult period, it is not possible to sort by the difficult situation in which by oneself. We still have 22 games to play and we are going all the way to get out of this uncomfortable situation.

There will be no lack of commitment and struggle!

ABC will take the necessary measures and activate security agencies to combat criminal acts against the institution and its collaborators, with respect for the cast that is trying to recover.

It’s time for union, not violence, which doesn’t help at all, it only generalizes.

We ask ABC fans for their support in not letting go of a group that is working tirelessly to turn the tide.

We lost the game, we dominated the whole game, but we will not lose the war or admit or accept that criminals jeopardize the resumption of victories that we so badly need. These hooligans must be BANNED from (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

Let’s work! We demand respect! No violence !

ABC Soccer Club