ᑕ❶ᑐ Zago drops the verb, blames the players for Gremio’s rout and says, « If it doesn’t get stronger, it will fall fast »

still not won BrazilLantern Coritiba was beaten by guild this Sunday afternoon (25) by 5 pairs of 5 arenas. And coach Antônio Carlos Zago was not at all satisfied with his team.

In a press conference after the match, the commander blamed the players for the individual mistakes that cost Coxa the loss.

“Once again, we ended up making individual mistakes. Practically three, four, it’s difficult. A second half well below what we can do, without soul. Once again, we came away with a defeat, like in the last match,” he said. .

« It’s something that’s been happening since Paranaense, it’s nothing new. Brazil Cup. Another coach arrived (Zago himself) and we didn’t get any wins,” he continued.

“It’s something that’s been going on for a long time. We always try to talk to each other, but there’s no way the coach can get on the pitch and score a goal, make things right. There were a lot of individual mistakes,” he added.

Committed to the 2nd round of the Brazilian Championship, Zago also declared that the club will need a lot of reinforcements or he will fall into the hands of the B-seriesin addition to guaranteeing that he will continue his work normally, unless he is fired.

“If something doesn’t happen to qualify the workforce, it goes quickly to Series B. It’s not strong (declaration), that’s what can happen with Coritiba. If it doesn’t get stronger, it will fall. as long as you manage to qualify the team,” he said.

“A team is formed in December/January. If it was built incorrectly, there’s not much you can fix. The window is yours to brush, two to three braces. From our point of view, we need seven to eight. And it’s not easy to find eight on the market right now,” he added.

“I will always have the will to work, it’s part of my DNA, my blood. I will never refuse the head. The question of whether or not to continue is up to the board of directors. The work will be the same. They are professionals and they make mistakes. I’ve said it to my face before, I say it every day and I say it here now. It is enough for us to be guilty of what we do. You have to be more of a man on the pitch,” he concluded.

Coritiba’s next matches

  • Goias (V): 7/3, 8 p.m. – Brasileirao

  • America-MG (C): 7/8, 6:30 p.m. – Brasileirao

  • cruise (C): 07/16, 11:00 a.m. – Brasileirao