🍻 Well done! Professional club makes more money from beer than from player sales

Clubs in the Netherlands are known for improving their balance sheet through player transfers. This is also the case in Twente Enschede, but the club made even more profit from the sale of beer.

As reported by the ‘Daily Mail’ with reference to the balance sheet report published by the club, Twente made a total profit of five million euros during the 2022/23 season. 3.75 million euros comes from transfer profits.

So far, so good. But catering revenues, which the English newspaper reported had exploded, had an even greater impact. The club had a total turnover of 10.5 million euros and, after deducting personnel costs, there was still around six million euros in profit.

Part of that could be played by those fans going viral in 2021 because they were carrying 48 or 64 beers at a time.

Maybe other fans took this as an example and gave him a good toast. Or soft drinks are just as good. Regardless, the club should be very happy with the financial development. After all, the location of one or two stars can possibly be financed in this way.