🎄 Messi cleaning & CR7 as a tree: This is how the stars celebrate Christmas

What would Christmas be without (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers moving next to Christmas trees? It’s completely the same, but let’s see how the stars spend Christmas anyway.

The biggest Christmas present for Manuel Neuer: the confirmation suit still fits him. Even the new skis under the tree are barely noticed.

Is Nils Petersen telling you here that he once played for FC Bayern, or why does his wife look like she’s listening to a particularly crazy Christmas fairy tale?

Jamal Musiala knows: if the height of the tree is « ridiculously tall », you can get the corresponding spiral staircase for free from Munich’s Christmas tree sellers.

This is what Christmas looks like in a real Messi house.

It’s no surprise that Conor McGregor, with an estimated fortune of 300 million, is not a 50 euro Nordmann fir, but does he really have to be a Cristiano Ronaldo dressed in fir green like a Christmas tree?

Great Christmas present for all 007 fans: Daniel Craig’s successor has been chosen.

No white Christmas in Dortmund? Oh but! If you look closely, the house of Reus even offers a cream white, an eggshell white and an alabaster white Christmas. Without forgetting the platinum blonde Christmas.

I swear by Marco Reus’ Christmas decorating tips: Sergio Ramos.

Even if you haven’t been good, this Santa Claus will be happy to give you three things.

It must be said: compared to Mbappé, Erling Haaland looks quite old as Santa Claus.