📸 He’s back: Erling Haaland suits Pep!

Erling Haaland is rarely satisfied with himself. Even three minutes without a stand can make the goal-hungry Norwegian very sullen and 30 minutes without a goal can then cause real frustration. Until now, you could even add a zero.

Because today in the catch-up game against Tottenham things were initially rather modest for real killer instinct on the legs, City went into the break 0-2 and Haaland hadn’t scored a goal since more than 300 minutes. Is the ex-BVB clipper just not going with Pep and City?

Absurdity! Coming back from half-time, Haaland was the old man again and made it 2-2 after Alvarez’s goal.

And with his lens he also puts the overall picture in the right light. Because even though the 22-year-old has been unlucky for a long time, he’s been doing well throughout the season so far.

Since Riyad Mahrez scored the first goal soon after, things are looking up not only for Pep’s goalscorer but also for the Citizens as a team. Losing would give Arsenal a chance to move to 11 points.