🔥 First the violence, now the goals! Orban and Vini Jr. in a wild duel

After Jude Bellingham and Vinícius Júnior provided the Royals with a good attack and the latter finally put the ball into the net magnificently, Leipzig’s Orban then deservedly equalized. Because so far the guests have been superior in terms of play – and under certain circumstances they could have long been in the majority!

Even before Real’s opening score, the two scorers were involved in an action that one or two referees would certainly have considered as an expulsion of the Brazilian.

In the 54th minute, the two men clashed away from the ball, with Vinícius Júnior eventually grabbing Willi Orban’s neck and pushing him away. In fact, it was a clear act of violence, but the referee only showed a yellow card.