🚨 Scoreless test: Germany struggle against mighty Swedes

The first World Cup test of the year showed that the DFB women still have work to do. With Sweden just millimeters from victory, Germany struggled to come out from behind and get dangerously in front of goal. The more than 20,000 supporters at the Duisburg stadium saw a scoreless game – and potential for improvement in Germany.

The course of the match: Germany struggling

As expected, the game started at eye level. After Germany had more possession in the opening minutes, Sweden took control more and more and found themselves in front of Merle Frohms’ goal from time to time. The guests put the German defense under pressure and were reckless to win the ball. On the other hand: no overtaking of the disciplined Swedish defense.

The results of the first half: no goals, few chances – and if so, then for the Swedes. Kosovare Asllani became particularly dangerous with a well-placed shot. But Merle Frohms was cautious. It felt like the start of the second half, although Germany themselves came out of the locker room under more pressure.

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg’s team hoped to gain new momentum through attacking substitutions, for example by Lea Schüller, Laura Freigang and Jule Brand. But Sweden also went on the offensive – and by the 79th minute they were only millimeters from the lead. Germany have never been so close to the goal. In the end, the two nations drew 0-0, also because Germany had some luck.

Players: experience makes the game

With a starting line-up changed from the last match against the United States, the national coach sent her players onto the pitch. Experienced (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers played a particularly important role in this game. Janina Minge, who is the Bundesliga’s top scorer, made her first appearance in the national jersey for the final minutes of the game.

In her 125th international match, for example, captain Alex Popp was initially challenged mainly defensively. Again and again she helped from the back to subdue the motivated Swedes. Merle Frohms once again clearly asserted his role as number one in goal in this test match. With solid saves, she kept Germany in the game and remained calm even in confusing situations. It is also thanks to her that the score remained 0-0.

The production: Stay cool, Germany!

ZDF expert Tabea Kemme wanted a faster game with less contact. It would have been absolutely necessary to overcome Sweden’s strong defense. But there was also a lack of precision in the assist. Regarding the World Cup, the women of the DFB must work not to act too quickly, especially in situations of pressure, and thus cause bad passes.

But of course not everything was bad in the friendly match against Sweden. The DFB ladies didn’t shy away from getting into duels and generally looked good in the 1-1 draw.

The pageantry: Good atmosphere at the Duisburg stadium

Chancellor Olaf Scholz was also there live in the stadium that evening. Before the match, the SPD politician stressed that he wanted to continue campaigning for equality in sport, especially for female (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers. He also met national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg for a mutual exchange.

The Duisburg stadium was well attended on Tuesday evening – despite the carnival atmosphere of the region. In total, more than 20,000 supporters came to the stadium to watch the first international match of the year live. The atmosphere was good despite the dominance of the Swedes, each attack from the women of the DFB was accompanied by loud applause.