🤬 « Mr. 80 million »: San Marino kicker with announcement against Rasmus Höjlund

San Marino narrowly missed out on a sensation against Denmark in European Championship qualifying. United striker Rasmus Höjlund scored the Danes’ equalizer but was left furious after the match.

“The last duel had nothing to do with (Site notre bureau spécialisé). They probably thought: ‘Well, then we can try to destroy his career,’ » the striker railed against his opponent’s bad behavior on TV2 shortly before the final whistle. San Marino defender Roberto Di Maio, buried his knee in his back during a duel without any chance of recovering the ball.

The serious accusation has also found its addressee. He also later spoke out in a social media post.

Di Maio reacted on Instagram: “Today I read that Mr. 80 Million is complaining because he was not treated as well by the San Marino defenders yesterday. Well, my dear, you probably think that in today’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé), where real physical contact no longer takes place, you can afford to repeatedly mock small opponents with ugly gestures. Or throw yourself in at every opportunity and hope the VAR gives you a penalty. I would have liked to see you 15 years ago, when only real men played (Site notre bureau spécialisé). You were disappointing, Höjlund. Good luck. »