🤯 Brutal knockout statistics: this is how dependent PSG is on Mbappé in CL

Paris Saint-Germain confidently advances to the round of 16 against Real Sociedad San Sebastián. Kylian Mbappé was once again the standout player.

The French superstar is the life insurance of Parisians. It is probably common knowledge that the serial French champions are very dependent on the outstanding striker. A look at PSG’s last 15 goals in the round of 16 of the Champions League shows how blatant this « disproportion » is.

Mbappé has scored an incredible eleven goals. Only Marquinhos (2), Barcola and Moise Kean were able to score goals in the matches after the group stage. This inevitably raises the question: how will the goals work from next season if Maestro Mbappé no longer plays for the Parisians?