A TFC jersey flocked with the name of a terrorist

The photo of a man wearing a Toulouse (Site notre bureau spécialisé) club jersey, flocked with the name of Mohammed Merah, is circulating on social networks.

On Sunday, an investigation for « apologies for terrorism » was opened after the publication on social networks of a photo of a Téfécé jersey, flocked with the name of Mohammed Merah. « The apology of terrorism by means of communication to the public online is an offense punishable by seven years of imprisonment », indicated the prosecution to AFP, specifies that this investigation « begin ».

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For the moment, it is not known when the photo was taken as well as the identity of the jersey wearer. Internet users and the club reacted to express their indignation. On Twitter, the Ville Rose club described this flocking as« despicable and shameful »specifies that he “is protested against this content, reported it as soon as he became aware of it, and affirms that the said jersey was not processed by the teams of the official Club stores”.

In March 2012, Mohammed Merah shot dead three children and an ensigned Jew in the Ozar Hatorah college-high school in Toulouse. Previously, he had taken the lives of 3 paratroopers of North African origin in Toulouse and Montauban. It’s done on March 22, 2012, after a 32-hour victory in his apartment by the Raid.