Angers: extended custody for Chabane – Archyde

As we explain to you (watch the news by 10:40 a.m.), the former Angevin president Sad Chabane in custody on Tuesday morning as part of an investigation opened by the Bobigny prosecution for « organized money laundering » and « illegal exercise of players’ agents ». 24 hours later, the one who is also vis-à-vis the sexual assault cases has still not been released.

And for good reason: his custody to be extended, as his lawyer Bernard Benaiem announced on Wednesday. On the other hand, the investigators will have to release Chabane Thursday morning, his detention not being able to exceed 48 hours. As a reminder, the native of Algiers took over the presidency of the Angevin club son son Romain last week, shortly after Sam was indicted in a case of sexual assault.