AS Saint-Etienne supporters associate football, culture, agriculture, crafts and heritage

The Annual Saint-Etienne Supporters’ Tour took place on November 1 in Fort-de-France, a start two years later. This event is intergenerational with the value of sport, associated with culture, agriculture, crafts and heritage. For the 2023 edition, the competition will be organized by the “Alabowdaj (Site notre blog d’information)-Club” team.

The 6th TAGEP Tournament (Tournament of Ancient Glories, Businesses and Press) organized by the Saint-Etienne Supporters’ Association, will take place at the Stade Louis Achille in Fort-de-France on November 1, 2023.

This year, a local march of country scents and flavors was set up at the gates of the stadium, where the invitations lingered before reaching the stands.

16 team members and 9 staff members and awardees. Michel Thimon, from the company of José Edon, president of the Amicale, was responsible for accumulating energy for the world of beauty.

Tony Polomack accompanied by pianist Joël Zabulon, Hervé Martiny on bass and Ren’Mary on backing vocals provided the music, in front of a delighted audience.

(Discover Tony Polomack)

Tony Polomack flute is the author of a composition in the gardens of the Mona tradition interprets Ciano

©Daniel BETIS

During the day, the blind also took the stage to demonstrate their talents despite their disability, with “ti-bois” and percussion.

For President Edon and the members of the Association, this is the spirit of the demonstration: “solidarity, exchange and sharing in complete conviviality”.

(Blind people in service)

The blind from the Agir sans voir association gave a beautiful demonstration to the drums

©Daniel BETIS

Félix Vert-Pré, former boxer, also president of the “Agir Sans Voir” association, reserves a surprise in public and plays the saxophone.

(Félix Vert-Pré on saxophone)

Félix Ver-Pré the man of challenges as blowing in a Creole medley

©Daniel BETIS

Former journalist Marie-Josée Alie also took her singing turn, performing her song “Caressé Mwen”, with her daughter at her side.

Marie-Josée Alie Monthieux personality in the spotlight invited to Sing

©Daniel BETIS

On a sporting level, the « Alabowdaj » team has one more source, a victory of the trophy of the 6th edition, in big group matches against the women’s team and in front of the cycling selection. The Stars beat the selection of the Press and that of the yoleurs.

The winners were better than the Redoute gendarmerie in the semi-final and crushed the Étoiles du (Site notre bureau spécialisé) in the final, 4 but to 1.

For the ladies: Nadine Caster, former French athletics champion, Marie-José Alie, former regional director of Martinique la 1ère and deputy director of programs in charge of diversity at France Télévisions, Marie-Clotilde Hardy-Dessources, Player, coach, selection of the women’s handball team and Charlaine Marie-JeanneRegional (Site notre blog d’information) Technical Advisor.

The trophies were made by Marc Ruister.

9 personalities were honored by ASSE: top left Victorin (right) Marie-Josée Alie bottom (D) Félix Mérine and Marie Claude Hardy Dessources

At men’s : Guy Charles Philibert, entrepreneur, Philippe Victorin, (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er of the Aiglon, you Nouvelle-Star, you the CS Vauclinois, the Assaut and the selection of Martinique, Alain Amra, general practitioner, member of the Etoile d’Or medical staff, Felix Merine, THE The most capped skiff skipper in Martinique and Simon Jurad, Author, composer, arranger and performer, leader of the group Operation 78.