AstonVilla: A jersey too suggestive for the children of Aston Villa #avfc #astonvilla

The Aston Villa jersey, which sometimes encourages perspiration, poses a major problem for the players of the English club…

This is the shirt of contention for Aston Villa. The tunic provided to the Villans by the equipment manufacturer Castore has a major defect. Obviously, it does not tolerate the perspiration of players. At the first dates of the season, we could see Boubacar Kamara and his teammates finish their matches with their jerseys stuck to their chests, because of sweat.

This is a detailed montage which allows children to discover a major problem in the women’s section of the club. Before their return match against Manchester United this weekend, the players have sounded the alarm, because they fear ending up with a tunic that is a little too suggestive.

“They dread playing it, for obvious reasons, Deplore consultant Jacqui Oatley in the columns of the Daily Mail.Also, the woman who knows how to watch is hot and sweaty and has a sports outfit hanging around the room, live on television in particular. This simply shouldn’t happen. Personally, I think that these women must have a different jersey to play, I think that we absolutely must find a solution before Sunday. »

The Aston Villa club also asked its equipment supplier to provide it with new outfits urgently before the meeting between its women’s team and Manchester United.