AstonVilla: Aston Villa sensation, 2nd in the Premier League, in codes #avfc #astonvilla

The city is back in progress

After a series of seasons (one success in six Premier League matches), the Citizens, manifested themselves in the title of world champions, on December 22 against Jeddah (4-0 against Fluminense), have just completed two successes in Championship, on the field of Everton (3-1, Wednesday) and against Sheffield United (2-0) at the same time.
For inspiration, Pep Guardiola’s children also reflect on the individual talent of his executives. First on that of Rodri, who opened the scoring with a breakthrough in the 14th. Then on that of the omnipresent Phil Foden. The Englishman offers a second goal to Julian Alvarez in the 61st. Here Manchester City are back on the podium, and witness Arsenal’s result, this time in the afternoon on the Fulham pitch.