AstonVilla: Tottenham fall at home to Aston Villa #avfc #astonvilla

It was first the Brazilian who sent a long and vicious strike, which rebounded just in front of Hugo Lloris, at fault. The French goalkeeper, in fact, could not capture the ball, before colliding with Clément Lenglet. Watkins in a profit to recover the sphere and serve in retreat Buendia, who scored with the right foot (0-1, 50th).

The break was successful a little later by Douglas Luiz, who managed a dazzling control-strike sequence to deceive Lloris, after a service from Mcginn (0-2, 73rd). The « Villans » are therefore very impressive in two stages against a long-time team lacking in ideas, speed and movement.

The Spurs only started to accelerate shortly before the break, when they obtained their most majestic opportunity, a header from Harry Kane saved by a diving header from Ashley Young (40th). Antonio Conte’s men executed the second half with the same intentions. But, faced with a formation of Aston Villa well grouped in defense and quick to sting on the counter after half-time, Tottenham, very disappointing, almost helpless, very quickly put one, then two knees on the ground.