Between football and tourism promotion, Christian Karembeu ends his stay in New Caledonia

Arrived on July 2 in the Territory, the former (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er spent a week on the Caillou. He takes the opportunity to shoot some videos to highlight the destination. On the sport side, it is all about meeting young (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers and (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers. Review of his stay.

Despite several years spent away from New Caledonia, Christian Karembeu returned as if he had left the day before. The hot air balloon star was invited by NCTourisme and Aircalin. Between Noumea and Lifou, look back on your visit to Caledonia.

Le Caillou, despite its treasures of biodiversity, remains far from the tourist frequentation of its Polynesian cousins. So to promote the destination, New Caledonia Tourism has chosen its new ambassador in the person of Christian Karembeu. « I am a child of the country, it is completely natural for me to represent the Caillou, to talk about it, to make posts, it is anchored in me » he said. explained this Friday evening, to Loreleï Aubry, on the 7:30 p.m. television news.

A European, global clientele… the objective for the GIE is to attract more tourists. And the (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er has his own idea of ​​the assets to highlight. « To seduce more, you have to be true and authentic. We have this underwater and terrestrial biodiversity that we just have to promote, » he explained.

Us, it’s human, on a cultural mix and a desire to live together, and to forge more links between us.

What to be able to « sell » according to the (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er, a « true Caledonian product. »

The child of Drehu has not forgotten his native island, and went there in particular to shoot some promotional videos.
The report by Nicolas Esturgie.


In one week, Christian Karembeu quickly found his way back to the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) fields. As an official ambassador of the Caledonian federation, he notably visited the ASAF players, who won the first edition of the Oceania Champions League last month in Papua New Guinea.

In this agenda, there is also the opportunity to meet the young people of the Nouméa Olympique club and the FCF Academy Jacques Zimako.