EdF: Kolo Muani to replace Nkunku? – Soccer

11/15EdF: Kolo Muani to replace Nkunku? 11/15EdF: Nkunku package for the World Cup! 11/15PSG: Galtier at Bless by Fournier 11/15Real: Hazard ready to start next 11/15Bara: Laporta in no rush for Demb 11/15OM: Tour and Suarez, Longoria don’t card anything 11/15PSG: Galtier delighted with Neymar’s attitude 11/15EdF: Benzema’s focus on his form 11/15Milan: Leao pre puts pressure 11/15PSG: the winter transfer window, Galtier waiting 11/15EdF: Benzema, Camavinga sees it better 11/15Man Utd: Varane speaks out on Ronaldo 11/15PSG: Mbappé above the club? light galtier 11/15Lens: The Cardinal as joker (official) 11/15VIDEO: Nkunku touches training 11/15Portugal: CR7, Fernandes laughs at rumors 11/15PSG: Galtier does not doubt his legitimacy 11/15Song: Man absent at the start of the World Cup 11/15Bara: Laporta responds again on Messi 11/15PSG: Galtier judges the MNM 11/15OM: Longoria does not regret Milik’s departure 11/15Man City: P Guardiola – « Mendy, pass son pre » 11/15OM: Tudor has never been in danger 11/15CdM: the numbers of the Blues in Qatar 11/15OM: the club wants to extend Dieng 11/15Sporting: Ronaldo, the development of love 11/15CdM: Raphinha shows Brazil’s ambitions 11/15Juve: two targeted French talents! 11/15Chelsea: Ziyech would get closer to AC Milan 11/15OM: Longoria confirms Papin’s return! 11/15Lyon: an old Montpellier in the viewfinder 11/15OM: Longoria does not card a return from Gerson 11/15EdF: the World Cup, Tournon doubts the Blues 11/15Chelsea: Ronaldo, Potter like Tuchel? 11/15Shakhtar: Nice tried Mudryk well 11/15Portugal: CR7-Fernandes, J. Mario calms the game 11/15Shakhtar: Mudryk opens the door Arsenal 11/15OM: even more serious than expected for Harit? 11/15PHOTO: the Blues posed! 11/15Serbia: concern for Vlahovic and Mitrovic 11/15Man City: a D7 club wants Hland on loan! 11/15Man Utd: Ibrahimovic also tackles the club! 11/15Reims: Will still left to stay 11/15OM: Longoria will speak this Tuesday! 11/15VIDEO: Ronaldo Fernandes, is it tense? 11/15OM: a takeover, the sponsor denies 11/15Bayern: the rumor Ronaldo back! 11/15OM: Malinovskyi still on track 11/15Man Utd: Ronaldo puts it back 11/15OM: a transfer window turned towards the attack 11/15Bavaria: the club ready to sell Pavard? 11/15PSG: Mbappé again for a salary deferral 11/15Man Utd: Ronaldo against a breakup? 14/11Milan: Adli on a new loan 14/11Man City: Hland taunts PL defenders 14/11Brussels: the fear of Sonny Anderson 14/11EdF: Clauss’s message 14/11Man Utd: Rothen defends Ronaldo 14/11Brest: a coach will replace the temporary workers 14/11Bara: Raphinha’s confession about Lewandowski 14/11OM: Balerdi talks about his future 14/11Lyon: Cheyrou shakes up the players! 14/11Real: Hazard wants to stay but… 14/11CdF: the date of the fixed draw 14/11ASSE: Batlles retained 14/11EdF: an action planned in Qatar 14/11Montpellier: Pitau will end the season (off.) 14/11EdF: Ukraine, Deschamps sees a turning point 14/11Chelsea: Zakharyan recognizes contacts 14/11ACE: crisis meeting convened 14/11Dortmund: Bellingham, Watzke’s confession 14/11Real: when Ibrahimovic chambers Ancelotti 14/11PSG: Galtier and the importance of Verratti 14/11Man Utd: Ronaldo meets Twitter on fire! 14/11EdF: Clear DD on the position of L. 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(official) 14/11OM: Harit, the terrible fear is confirmed 14/11Monaco: Clément again criticizes arbitration 14/11OM: Tudor highlights Payet’s mental strength 14/11Man Utd: Ronaldo mocks Rooney! 14/11PSG: Mbappé and Ruiz-Atil laugh at rumors 14/11Monaco: Disasi tempers his remarks 14/11Man Utd: the release of CR7 annoys… 14/11OM: Harit, the strong speech of Payet 14/11EdF: Marcus Thuram appealed by Deschamps! 14/11Man Utd: Ronaldo’s constant cash 14/11Monaco: Clément targets Bastien and Payet 13/11Bara: Laporta kicks Messi again 13/11Monaco: the lucidity of Badiashile 13/11L1: the scorer class 13/11Man Utd: Ronaldo gets loose on Ten Hag! 13/11OM: Guendouzi savors the scenario 13/11OM: Tudor sad for Harit 13/11Monaco: Disasi accuses the referee! 13/11L1: the complete class 13/11L1: Monaco 2-3 Marseille (final)