Football: France exceeds the bar of 1,000 expatriate players

Symbols of the quality of French training, the bar of 1,000 expatriate (Site notre bureau spécialisé) players has been exceeded by France, hoisting it to second place on the podium of exporting countries after Brazil.

This is what happens in 1033 French people who play in clubs abroad, according to information released by the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES). « Foreign recruiters are unanimous: the young French player provides guarantees thanks to his trainingexplains Éric Roy, former player and former sports director of the English club Watford to francetvinfo. It has been said that to win in Ligue 1, he must demonstrate tactical skills, technique to play in small spaces and good physical qualities.« 

The propensity to import players is only increasing, the report also notes that since 2017, the number of foreign players per team has decreased by 20%.