Football (N3): Chantilly bows to the Valenciennes reserve

NATIONAL 3 – A second loss in a row for the Cantilians, reduced to ten after the expulsion of El Farissi (66th) this Saturday, October 22 on the ground of Valenciennes (b).

Published: October 22, 2022 at 11:43 p.m.

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On the field of Valenciennes (b) this Saturday, October 22, Chantilly conceded a second defeat in a row, again with the score of 3-1 as at AC Amiens 3 weeks earlier.

In addition, the Cantilians were reduced to ten after the expulsion of El Farissi (66th). But the match was marred by a lighting problem which caused the start of the second half.

We played with one out of four defective floodlights for 15 minutes in the first halflamented coach Yacoub Yassine. The referee did not prefer to stop the match, rather wait for the break. Or, it was on the side we were attacking and we were hampered.
“After the match, Chantilly was a reserve.


GOALS – Valenciennes: Poha (27th), Haouari (85th), Boudraa (90th); Chantilly: D. Koné (17th).

EXPULSION – Chantilly: El Farissi (66th).

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