Football – National. Oswald Tanchot after Sochaux

Sochaux-Nancy: 4-1

Oswald Tanchot: “The tempo, the rhythm and the intensity that we displayed in the first half are really what we needed to show. We were not rewarded straight away but this state of mind continues from the second half at GOAL and the match at Villefranche. This evening, we found elements of our game in Bonal that we were going to show in the first part of the season and that we had not seen for a long time. We really suffocated them in the first half. We really pushed hard tonight, finding the right areas and making some good runs.

The players respected the plan well, especially in the offensive aspect. We could even have done even better. We had mental consistency, without weakening. We had some new recruits in the defense sector who did us a lot of good. We have a lot of fatigue, especially from our Silva and Dacosta pistons who were very generous. This victory also has no mental help. On the verge of victory. We love victory as much as we hate it.

Given the context and the influence of a signal addressed to our supporters, the answer is good. It’s a shame because we could have had this kind of match more often. When our team is like this, it is possible to make a great decision. And above all, on a desire to dedicate it to the supporters.

I have felt a shift for some time…

If the victory is satisfactory, she survives against Nancy and her confidence. This means that trust is an important fact for performance. I am sent to a base in two different eras with good training and a strong mind, without frustration or restlessness. The audience is incredible. People travel on a Monday, at 9 p.m., it’s exceptional.

Arthur Vitelli is a satisfaction throughout the season. His mentality fits very well with this club and its values. When we see that, it’s a joy for FC Sochaux. Boris Moltenis too, it’s a return to the club, local, imbued with the club’s values. In terms of combat, engagement and reliability, this is very positive. Thomas Fontaine is also very important this season, apart from the children. »