Football (R3): Margny is a hit against Villeneuve-Saint-Germain

After the narrow defeat of the 16th day, against the leader Liancourt-Clermont, the US Margny very quickly found the way to victory. On its synthetic field, the US Margny-lès-Compiègne crushed, Sunday April 23, Villeneuve-Saint-Germain, the red lantern of group B (14-0). Agab (6th, 78th), Diallo (13th), Morel (15th, 26th, 59th), Hattaoui (24th, 38th, 54th, 62nd), Laaroussi 63rd) and Carlier (68th, 88th) are the scorers from Ois.  » Facing a courageous team, on a neat goal averageunderlines the marginal coach David T’Jollyn. I made sure at half-time to reframe everyone well. »

Thanks to this great success, USM now enjoys the best goal difference (+24), tied with Liancourt-Clermont.

Méru remains at a distance despite his victory as well

With a view to maintaining, the US Meru-Sandricourt won an important victory at home, at the expense of Nesle, direct competitor, Sunday April 23 (2-0). Author of a double (20th, 35th), Young was the great architect of this success. A victory acquired during the first period judged “ deserved », Supports the Meruvian coach, Stéphane N’Cho. We were able to master our subject, even if the second half was more complicated with the wind. »