Football: SLO FC wins its first victory!

the essential
Without the victory at the start of the season, the Saint-Lys Olympique (Site notre blog d’information) Club hosted the TOAC on the Ramée lawn on the same day as December 16. A 2-0 victory, the result of an unshakeable collective.

Delivery! After 7 matches without a victory (5 defeats and 2 matches without a victory), SLO FC returns to victory.

During the catch-up of the match of the 5th day of D1, the Rouge et Bleu were opposed to the TOAC team. A special match since SLO was playing on paper at home, but the match was played at the Ramée stadium in Tournefeuille. The reason? A municipal decree on the Saint-Lys site due to the poor weather conditions of recent weeks. On paper, the SLO is one of the favorites: last in D1, deprived of a few executives and opposed to a mid-table team which had corrected them last May (6-1), the indicators were not very optimistic.

A foolproof collective

However, against all odds, it was the Saint-Lysiens who dictated their pace during the first period.

Omnipresent and essential in the same evening matches, this Maxime Finot who comes to deliver his team at point blank range in front of the opposing Gardener (1-0 32′).

In the second period, a crane further down the field, SLO FC did not tremble. Nothing could make them doubt. It’s an exclusion, 3 minutes later, David Aubert signs it but you break a superb direct free kick (77′). 2-0, final score, a performance for the whole group.

A month of January essential for maintaining

A benchmark performance for a team not often rewarded for its performances.

From now on, SLO FC scrapes a place and moves away from the red lantern. But be careful, the month of January is crucial during relegation: the Saint-Lysiens will face Fonsorbes II and Landorthe, two adversaries who are halfway in the standings.