For Grosso, it’s already over

OL instructor, Fabio Grosso, has behind him this hunt for the « mole » which has agitated the Rhone locker room throughout the week.

Case closed ! During the two days of the Olympics between OM and OL, this evening at the Vélodrome stadium in the 10th season of Ligue 1, Fabio Grosso returned to the recent incidents within the Lyon group. Particularly on this famous hunt for the « mole », which leaked some rather embarrassing indiscretions to the press. The revelations which greatly displeased the Italy coach arrived in mid-September for replacement by Laurent Blanc and weakened by the latest catastrophic results of Les Gonesto the point that he had to summon the players and cancel a training session.

At the press conference, the transalpine techniques were played out calmly, so the episode was over. “We leave it behind, we try to forget about it, we move forward and try to talk about the match”, did he declare. If he claims that the players have « to understand » the reasons for his anger, Fabio Grosso wears all his clothes with the princes of the base, depending on the fact that the clothes fit him so well “something sacred”. “The locker room is the place where we build our future. It’s difficult to build. So if we put ourselves in danger, it’s not good”he explained.

“At the end of the Meeting, I thought it wasn’t essential to do a workout on top of that. The most important thing is that you can choose anything and everything you want to do”, he added, proposals relayed by RMC Sport. For the 2006 world champion, the Lyonnais must also have their own report: “Things that come from outside are not good for the club. We are in a project. All this is in the same project, on several levels for the thunder, the best for the club. » A good Olympian result with a total of 3 points on the clock.