Fortuna Düsseldorf allows fans to enter the stadium for free – help from sponsors

Quote from Davef95

If you don’t have a financial disadvantage, then that’s really great!

I don’t know how much Fortuna makes from tickets, but it’s hard for me to imagine that the sponsors will eventually be able to fully offset that. The calculation can still work somehow with low stadium usage and for some matches, but at the latest compared to the competition, which already fills its stadium with high entry prices, you will be of course clearly disadvantaged. Because sums in the clearly double-digit million range would be needed to compensate for this. With totally utopian « regional sponsors ».

I think it’s brave and innovative to try it and I’m curious to see how it will be evaluated in Düsseldorf in the end. But the way it sounds now, it’s probably really just an idea for clubs with a big stadium and low usage. In addition to Fortuna, Hertha, Nuremberg and Hannover are currently in D. For everyone it would not be interesting at first.