Homophobic chant against the goal, the LFP did not dare to stop the derby

LOSC was forced to play the derby (2-1), but the supporters also launched a homophobic chant which could lead to the match being stopped. But the authorities were deaf.

The atmosphere at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy was that of the match between Lille and Lens, but RC Lens supporters also chanted homophobic remarks in the 36th minute of the derby. It is not connected to the stadium, but is also connected to the Prime Video antenna which broadcasts the connection live. The words of this song that fell from the corner where most of the LOSC supporters were were quickly relayed: “ If I have a Lens, I already feel like suicide. Lentils are queers and poor people. » This Saturday, the association Direct Red Calls on the authorities of the Professional (Site notre blog d’information) League and the Minister of Sports to find out the reasons why the match was not stopped, even though the regulations provide for it in this specific case.

And the collective leaves against homophobia in (Site notre bureau spécialisé) to raise questions. “Dhomophobic election, right here evening during LOSC-RCL. Totally predictable. No stopping of the match, although provided for by the regulations. At this time, the LFP reduced the little it was doing against homophobia (…) Also reaction from the LFP and the club. It’s written on the match sheet at least?? », asks Direct Red. A note arrived today from the Professional (Site notre blog d’information) League transformed the day of the fight against homophobia in order to respond favorably to certain players who were not in favor of wearing a rainbow-colored number. Instead, there is a small invisible logo for this person, which forces associations to be forced, and homophobia is a delicacy and an opinion in France.