Manchester City: accused of financial violations, the Citizens risky and excluded from the PL! – Soccer

In an official statement on Monday, the Premier League accused Manchester City of more than 100 alleged breaches of financial rules since the 2009-2010 financial year. Before an independent commission, the reigning English champion will have to explain himself and risk being excluded from the championship.

Manchester City: accuse

Manchester City will have to provide explanations.

An XXL scandal in England! This Monday, the Premier League dropped a real bombshell by accusing Manchester City of numerous alleged breaches of financial rules since the 2009-2010 financial year.

With more than 100 charges at the end of a 4-year investigation, the Citizens found themselves in an extremely complicated situation.

A passage depends on a commission

In a detailed report, the Premier League has numbered all faults supposes of the Skyblues of the 2009-2010 season that currently in progress. Among the facts alleged against the reigning English champion, we find in particular: a lack of precision in the financial information provided at the level of income, you sponsorship or even operating ratings (from 2009 to 2018), and vagueness on income. you manager (from 2009 to 2013) and players (from 2010 to 2016), breaches of UEFA rules (from 2013 to 2018), a problem of profitability and sustainability (from 2015 to 2018), and finally a concern for cooperation in surveys (from 2018 to 2023).

The committees are independent of the Premier League and club members. The members of the committee will be appointed by the Independent Chairman of the Premier League Judicial Committee in accordance with Premier League Rules W.19, W.20 and W.26. Proceedings before the committee will, in accordance with Premier League rule W.82, be confidential and heard behind closed doors. (…) This confirmation is made in accordance with Premier League rule W.82.1. The Premier League will not comment further on this matter until further noticecan we read.

The lost point… or an exclusion!

Obviously, Manchester City will have the opportunity to explain themselves on all points. But if the facts are apr, the Skyblues are planning very big! Adorn with a possible sanction with points withdrawn in the league, but also with a possible exclusion from the League according to the serious media The Times! With the ongoing procedure and subsequently the possibility of appealing before several bodies, this case should normally be talked about in the months to come…

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