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Second Division Update March 31

Ludovit Reis has recently been promoted twice in a row at €5m so far, making him the most valuable player in the 2nd Bundesliga – and the HSV professional’s form is pointing upwards. In 2023, the 22-year-old has already scored four times and set up one goal. Hannover 96’s Cedric Teuchert, who has scored three goals this year, was also in goal-scoring mood until he fell ill. Overall, the centre-forward has a total of ten goals, which is only surpassed by six players from the German lower house. Phillip Tietz is also still benched in attack at Darmstadt 98 and has missed just 14 minutes in the league this year.

How have the past few months affected the market values ​​of these professionals? This is already discussed in (Site notre blog d’information)’s market value analysis regarding the March 31 interim update. Do the market values ​​of the named (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers – and 522 other second division kickers – need to be adjusted? Bring your arguments into the discussion now. In addition to the 2nd Bundesliga, the market value analysis also deals with players from the other 38 German professional clubs in the 1st and 3rd divisions.

Discuss second division market values ​​here!

Discuss second division market values ​​here!

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