Marseille still on the mat – Debrief and NOTES of the players (Middlesbrough 2-0 OM) – Football

Despite its very large domination in first priority, Olympique de Marseille fell on the lawn of Middlesbrough (2-0), this Friday, for its 3 preparation match for the other. A second loss against a Championship club in less than a week.

Marseille still on the mat - D

Igor Tudor doesn’t have the solution yet…

Decidedly, Olympique de Marseille does not like Championship clubs. Five days after its heavy setback against Norwich (0-3), the Marseille team was beaten by Middlesbrough (2-0), this Friday, for its third outing on the other.

A cruel defeat as the vice-champion of France to superiority in the first period. But the changes made by Igor Tudor destabilized a defense which at Malmene after the break.

Steffen rejects OM

On a much better pitch and with ideal weather conditions, the Marseillais quickly displayed a clear superior technique. Still in the wake of a thunderous Tour which took a lot of initiatives, the Marseille club slowly but surely put down its game. However, the possession sequences were sterile and the ball only too rarely arrived at Milik’s feet, alone in attack.

Over the minutes, the Marseille domination becomes clearer. The Polish striker finally had the opportunity to distinguish himself but his low shot after a very good serve from Kolasinac was too crushed. A few minutes later, Steffen pulled out all the stops by fending off attempts from nder and Gerson in quick succession. The goalkeeper on loan from Manchester City once again saved his side before the break by beating Milik following an unsteady pass from a partner.

The Marseille defense in the street

Returning from the locker room, Marseille were not far from being surprised but Lopez authoritatively repelled a powerful shot from Boyd-Munce. An alert followed by a sanction since Jones took advantage of an intervention by Balerdi to deceive the Spanish goalkeeper (1-0, 53rd). Forced to react, OM struggled to get closer to the opposing goal. We had to wait for Clauss to see the visitors worry Steffen, but the former Lensois was too short on two consecutive actions.

While OM should be able to return, the Championship club drove the point home through Tavernier, who stalked it after an intervention from Amavi, settled Lopez low to the ground (2-0, 73rd). The addition could have even been dirtier without an Ibre stop in front of McGree. Despite a last opportunity for Bakambu, OM could not find the net. One more time. We will have to do much better against Betis, in five days…

The rating that suits you: 6/10

A match much livelier than the one against Norwich. This time, the Marseillais got a lot of chances but showed gross inefficiency. The score does not necessarily reflect the face of the meeting but the Igor Tudor gang will have to pull themselves together to reassure themselves. However, she showed good dispositions in the first period thanks to her recruits.

The buts:

– On the right, the English combined perfectly and it was Jones who went deep. The striker took advantage of an intervention from Balerdi to pass him and slip the ball between Lopez’s legs on his low shot (1-0, 53rd).

– Middlesbrough has no trouble breaking through the Marseille midfielder and takes advantage of the misalignment of the defense to infiltrate the area. On the lookout after an intervention from Amavi, Tavernier adjusts Lopez with a precise strike low to the ground (2-0, 73rd).

Players’ NOTES

Maxi(Site notre bureau spécialisé) has the attribute of a note (out of 10) commented on each player.

Your match: ZackSteffen (8/10)

The goalkeeper loaned by Manchester City to excellent. Decisive in priority in front of nder and Gerson, he is precious on his outings far from his but to prevent the Marseillais from getting closer. Finding a match, he is still there to repel Bakambu’s last attempt. Here is one who will be able to shine as a starter over the next few months.


Paul Lopez (5) : the Spanish goalkeeper had nothing to do in the first period. On the other hand, he can do nothing on Jones’ low shot, a few moments after having seen the opener. Nor on that of Tavernier for the break. frustrated. Replace the 83rd minute by Ruben Blanco (not not).

Chancel Mbemba (6.5) : for the first outing with OM, the Congolese central defender showed a good face. On the right of the defense three, the former FC Porto player used his physique to calm the ardor of his opponents, allowing himself some interesting climbs. Replace the 46th minute by Car Duje Caleta (3.5)again mediocre with a catastrophic positioning on both goals.

Sam Gigot (6) : replace in the axis of the defense, the Frenchman is much less difficult in this part. He is well helped by the very physical Mbemba and Tour, who have secured the cts well to allow him to raise often cleanly. Replace the 46th minute by Leonardo Balerdi (3), author of a catastrophic entry. He intervenes limply on the action of the first goal, giving Jones plenty of time to open the scoring.

Isaac’s visit (6) : very good for his first steps with his new club, the central defender trained in Le Havre has again shown good dispositions. Intimidating, he was almost never overwhelmed, also bringing on the offensive phases with daring mounts in the first period. A little less well after the break with the entries of Caleta-Car and Balerdi who did not really help him. Replace the 83rd minute by Luan Peres (no no).

Cengiz nder (5) : again used in a right piston role, the Turkish winger did not hesitate to play a crane higher to bring the danger. He is not far from opening the scoring on a shot from close range repelled by Steffen in the first period. Lightweight overall. Replace the 63rd minute by Jonathan Clauss (no no)who proved to be dangerous twice during his entry.

Valentin Ronnier (5) : mean. Substitute in the midfield, the Nantes midfielder never managed to speed up the game. He took too few initiatives to push back the English block.

Matto Guendouzi (5) : a good presence on the physical level but a use of the ball which leaves something to be desired. The French international was a little too nervous overall. Replace the 83rd minute by Osama Targhalline (no no).

Sead Kolasinac (6) : little successful since his arrival, the Bosnian left side has made a copy of beautiful workmanship. He delivered two caviars, left by Milik and nder, in the first period. The defense is a fairly well-secured corridor. Replace the 63rd minute by Jordan Amavi (no).

Gerson (6.5) : rare player to have been correct against Norwich, the Brazilian midfielder was good in this match. Omnipresent under pressure, it multiplies to organize the game on the sides as in the axis. Close to scoring in the first half, he was not ashamed of his performance. Replace the 83rd minute by Bartug Elmaz (no no).

Arkadiusz Milik (4) : titularis in point, the Polish striker was not reassured. Apart from a great opportunity on a shot that was too crushed in period, we did not see it in this match. Replace the 46th minute by Cedric Bakambu (5)who better than his partner with an almost decisive pass for Clauss and a great chance late in the game.

Dimitri Payet (5) : another irregular match for the Marseille captain. He distinguished himself with good forward openings but overall little weight, Gerson too often assumes before the stint. Replace the 83rd minute by Luis Suarez (no).

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Kolasinac performing first before

Interesting first for Mbemba