Martinez does it again… – Debrief and NOTES from the players (LOSC 2-1 3-4 tab Aston Villa)

The people of Lille can blame themselves.

A second season after its defeat in England (2-1), Lille finally lost to Aston Villa (2-1, 3-4 table) in the fourth quarter of the final return of the European Conference League . A cruel scenario for Lille, weighed down by a certain Emiliano Martinez.

It’s like reliving the nightmare during the 2022 World Cup final! Once again, Argentinian goalkeeper Martinez hurt the French, and always with his provocative style.

Beaten in England (2-1) in the first leg, Lille lost on penalties against Aston Villa (2-1, 3-4 tab) despite a long controlled match.

Lille ready for debut

Carried by a boiling hot public, Lille wasted no time in wrapping up the match. Aston Villa quickly returned under pressure from LOSC, installed in the opposing camp, and took advantage of their first league to achieve Yazici’s superb score (1-0, 15th)! It was the perfect start for the Mastiffs, who had already reached a tie over the two matches. And the locals didn’t intend to stop there.

Their domination increased as the minutes passed, as did the whistles against the Argentinian goalkeeper Martinez, enemy of France since the 2022 World Cup final… Not enough to disturb the goalkeeper who made a face save and was therefore lucky on the point-blank header from André! We really weren’t far from 2-0 for Lille in this electric first period, also marked by a tense exchange between coaches Paulo Fonseca and Unai Emery.

LOSC will point to arbitration

The former Paris Saint-Germain coach undoubtedly tried to wake his men up during the break. But Lille maintained its superiority after returning from the locker room. It is therefore logical that captain André (2-0, 67th) gave LOSC the advantage throughout the confrontation! Despite the timid English reaction, we didn’t really see how qualification could escape Lille. But in a very contentious situation, with a possible foul by Duran on Bentaleb not sanctioned, the right side Cash (2-1, 87th) cooled the Pierre-Mauroy stadium! It was cruel for Lille who did not deserve to be won in overtime. We were therefore not surprised to see the Mastiffs a little stunned.

The Villans took advantage of this to be dangerous. And without an exceptional double save from Chevalier, against Bailey and Douglas Luiz, the visitors would have regained the advantage in this confrontation! Nothing was scored at half-time in extra time but LOSC had a serious warning. It’s a sort of trigger that allows the France team to react in the second part of extra time. She could even have obtained a penalty but the referee did not sanction Cash’s hand, while Chevalier avoided the worst on Duran’s rebound. We felt this penalty shootout coming, which ultimately favored Aston Villa and its goalkeeper Martinez, still annoying and heroic…

Match score: 7/10

Just for the suspense, the match was worth the detour. Lille has long seen a beautiful face in this period before the events below. Aston Villa can’t guarantee the spectacle, but the Premier League pension is also on offer when it delivers one hell of a turnaround.

The buts:

– After a long cross from Yoro on the left side, Gudmundsson crosses and retreats. His ball on the ground to Yazici whose uncrossed recovery with the flat of his (Site notre bureau spécialisé) leaves Martinez without reaction! (1-0, 15th)

– From a corner from the near post from the right-hander Haraldsson, André uncrosses his head perfectly to deceive goalkeeper Martinez (2-0, 67th).

– On the seemingly innocuous center, Chevalier drops the ball due to contact with Bentaleb, himself pushed by Duran. But there is no sanction, which is allowed to Cash from Fusiller Chevalier (2-1, 87th).


Maxi(Site notre bureau spécialisé) has awarded a commented score (out of 10) to each player.

Man of the match: Emiliano Martinez (8/10)

It’s frustrating, but it’s hard to find out that Aston Villa’s garden offered the team qualifications. Whistled throughout the party, he was not disturbed. Unlike that, this situation tends to be fun. It must be said that it was his evening since he made a winning face save on André’s head. The then becomes heroic during the penalty shootout, with a few provocations along the way. A sacred character.


Lucas Chevalier (7.5): From Martinez’s place, the LOSC garden could have become the heroes of the match. The team’s demonstration helped for a long time. Then he had to pull off a huge double save against Bailey and Douglas Luiz! Unhappy with the goal conceded, he diverted Bailey’s penalty during the penalty shootout, in vain.

Tiago Santos (7): great match from the side power! Very interesting in his offensive attack, the Portuguese presents a difference in the names of the country’s defenders. His shot hit the post during extra time! She also monitors these fiercely defensible distractions.

Leny Yoro (7.5): The central defense team makes a fierce face with a performance! Both solid and serene in the duels, he also showed his quality on the restart, like his cross for Gudmundsson before Yazici’s goal.

Bafodé Diakité (7): particularly authoritarian in his interventions, the versatile defense laid down the law. Lille can count on him to go to coal. He could have thundered victory for his team but his header from a corner went directly into the arms of Martinez.

Ismaily (6): the left side will leave with bad memories of the match. The failure is obviously cruel, but also that of the bosses caused by Watkins’ nudge. He’s also at the disposal of Frenchman Diaby, who manages to connect with just one person plus Bailey’s difficult percussion face.

Benjamin André (7): Should we still specify that the LOSC captain has a combat model in training? In this area, Paulo Fonseca said that it could be applied to a certain value. We also know his quality in the aerial game. This is the most effective way for Martinez to get a chance in front, but also on the corner, in this same exercise. It also stands out on well-made transversals. And there you have it, the cadence also goes in the same direction as the shooter…

Nabil Bentaleb (6.5): metronome of this northern team, the real midfielder created numerous gaps throughout the match. These reversions of the game on the rhythm of the attacks of the little ones, as well as the recoveries of high balls. Victim of a small unreported foul, Chevalier pushed him to make a mistake on the goal conceded, and missed his shot on goal at the start of the session.

Yusuf Yazici (6.5): Positioned on the right side, less on the advertising line-up, the Turkish international was a real free electron. He took the opportunity to circle around David, hence his nice delivery for the center forward who did not target his shot. Scorer, he could have become a decisive passer with a perfectly taken free kick but Martinez was lucky after André’s header. Less in legs in the second period and replaced in the 86th by Ivan Cavaleiro (not rated).

Hákon Haraldsson (6): decisive passer for André on a corner, the Icelanders could have done better in the match. The watch moves between the lines with a certain precision in each passage, or on the strike of a crescent at the end of the last period. Replaced in the 77th by Angel Gomes (6), available thanks to his mobility and author of an off-target shot during extra time. With great composure, he succeeded in his shot on goal.

Gabriel Gudmundsson (7): The lateral training gauge is not the most offensive option for the winger position. There is energy, combat and the ability to plow the freed spaces thanks to a formidable arm! And as the Villans never found the solution to take him in marking, he was at the origin of many hot situations, including the action of his decisive pass for Yazici. Replacement in the 91st by Rémy Cabella (not rated)who has a nice center, without ever finding his teammates.

Jonathan David (5.5): Despite a great burst of energy, the Canadian center forward had very few chances. Aside from his outside-(Site notre bureau spécialisé) shot above, he didn’t have the opportunity to beat Martinez. It must be said that he did not shy away from the pressure. This was not lost on the fans who applauded his defensive work.


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LILLE 2-1 ASTON VILLA (mid-time: 1-0) – LEAGUE CONFERENCE – 1/4 final / 1/4
Stadium: Decathlon Arena – Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille – Referee: Ivan Kruzliak, Slovakia

But : Y. Yazici (15th) B. André (68th) for LILLE – M. Cash (87th) for ASTON VILLA
Advertisement : N. Bentaleb (42nd), Paulo Fonseca (44th), B. André (44th), Tiago Santos (62nd), A. Gomes (117th)to LILLE – N. Zaniolo (21st), E. Martnez (39th), Unaï Emery (44th), L. Digne (61st), M.Rogers (76th), J. Durn (90+1e), O. Watkins (109th)for ASTON VILLA

LILLE : L. Chevalier – L. Yoro, B.Diakit – Tiago Santos, Ismail – B. Andrew, N. Bentaleb – H. Haraldsson (A. Gomes, 77th) – Y. Yazici (Ivan Cavaleiro, 86th), G. Gudmundsson (R. Cabella, 91st) – J. David

ASTON VILLA : E. Martnez – E.Konsa, P.Torres – M Cash, L. Worthy – J. McGinn (J. Durn, 80th), Y. Tielemans, Douglas Luiz, N. Zaniolo (M. Rogers, 28th) – M. Diaby (L. Bailey, 70th), O. Watkins