Molenbeek: Reine-Adelade, great concern – football

There is great concern for the health of Molenbeek midfielder Jeff Queen-Adlade (26 years old, 22 matches and 2 but two competitions this season). During the championship match against Charleroi (1-3) this Saturday, the former Lyonnais was forced to leave the pitch on a stretcher just before half-time due to a ball received in the face at close range. Unconscious for 10 minutes on the field, the Frenchman was then transported to hospital.

« Jeff was unconscious on the field the entire time. We cannot assess the severity of his head trauma at this time. His face was very bloody and it is possible that he also suffered a neck injury from the impact. This is why he is currently being transported to the hospital. Examinations will have to reveal what his injuries are and how serious they are. The big concern is that he is doing well,” commented RWDM coach Yannick Ferrera, affected, in conference. Press. .