Neymar cut by the Serbs, the terrible stat

Neymar holds the record for fouls suffered at the start of the World Cup. And from quite a distance.

Neymar finished loose ankle Thursday night after Brazil’s victory against Serbia (2-0). And the Paris Saint-Germain player should miss the next two meetings of the Seleçao during this World Cup.

As his father noted, Neymar suffered no less than nine fouls against Serbia. This is a record since the start of this competition, and the No. 10 Auriverde had already been entitled to the same preferential treatment against Switzerland in 2018, with 10 faults suffered.

Neymar alone suffered more faults than several teams in this World Cup. These are mainly formations that have touched the ball little, such as Japan (6 fouls suffered against Germany), Saudi Arabia (7 fouls suffered against Argentina), Australia (5 fouls suffered against France) or Costa Rica (8 fouls suffered against Spain). On the other hand, South Korea (7 children against Uruguay), while Tunisia (9 children against Denmark) and Iran (9 children against England) are on par with the « Ney ».