OM: despite Eyraud, Rami « likes » the club

Despite a difficult separation with Olympique de Marseille in the summer of 2019, Adil Rami (36 years old, 7 games in L1 this season) today expresses no resentment towards the Marseille club. The central defender of Troyes does not hesitate to consider himself an unconditional supporter of Ciel et Blanc.

« I watch them as soon as I can. L, I ‘kiff’ the Monaco match, even if Amine Harit’s injury affected me, claimed the 2018 world champion during an interview with the newspaper La Provence With my friends, we are all OM fans Well, sometimes we insult them but it’s because we want them to win, that we can’t understand them (laughs)! I was disgusted, I would have liked them to go to the Europa League … To have the humility to play this competition and to make their supporters feel emotional not to take this last goal.

On the other hand, Rami still resents the person responsible for his departure. « I will never associate Jacques-Henri Eyraud (the former president of the club) with OM, it’s like that. I have hated this man for a very long time, I am happy to see that he is the same for the people of Marseille. This case for me was an injustice, it was mean. My story was super easy, I told him: ‘If you’re not happy, we’ll discuss it and I’m leaving.’ From that moment he did everything to hurt me. I think that’s not cool. »