Saint-Girons. Football: all travelers are green for the FCSG

Workforce.- The bar of 400 licenses in this French region occurred in December, which placed the Saint-Gironnais club in 2nd place in the department and 98th in the region. A great reward for the conductor’s team who invests tirelessly every day for the great club.

The elderly.- The start of the season in Regional 3 is very successful for the flag team with a good 4th place in a homogeneous population. The men of « Titi » Series are undefeated in Jo-Boussion, it remains to seek an away victory which would put the FCSG in the best position.

In Departmental 1, team II is in the mix for the climb despite a few air gaps (Escosse and Montaut). If you don’t have enough time to cover the points along the route, the light will be hot. David Capodanno and Laurent Soum, the coaches, and keep watch.

Team III recovered well despite a complicated start to the season; The important aspect of fun on the pitch.

Among senior womenthe team is still training and has a good chance of getting a nice low quality result.

The women’s U15s have had a very good start to the season with convincing victories and a good 5th place in the standings.

For young peoplethe men’s U17s remain quite inconsistent and are ranked 8th out of 12. They must increase the level of play to do better.

The U15s are 7th out of 12 and progress from match to match.

The (Site notre bureau spécialisé) school It is flourishing with massive participation in the various platforms and criteria organized in the Ariège District. Training is now a priority for the FCSG in 2024…