Soccer. AG Caen B takes important points to maintain against FC des Étangs

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After winning last season, AG Caen B, class 9th in Regional 2, was determined at the same time. its position in the ranking was not representative by welcoming this Sunday, February 25, 2024, FC des Étangs, 5th in the ranking. The Caennais have su profited from this match to put pressure on its direct competitors who saw their matches reported by the League due to the severe weather in recent days.

It’s part-time fun

The rain arrived at the start of the match and accompanied the players throughout the celebration, a factor which perhaps helped the AG Caen B players to keep their cool after a first quarter of an hour . promising but unrewarded hour. By exercising such domination over their adversary, they allowed plans for a constant threat to the opposing defense. Now, it is crucial for the capitalist in these moments, and first and foremost frame shot of the matchYoucef Arbouz deceives the goalkeeper of a cross strike outside the area (18′).

The score is also on the following action (23′) if only Julien Leblond, the one-armed goalkeeper, had not reported his face-to-face on this strike from Jean-Marc Hatchi, the Caen full-back. This part of the delivery for AG Caen, when in the 27th minute, on a superb opening from his captain, Baptiste Ameline escapes his defenders and, as an opportunist, praises the opposing goalkeeper with a touch, who had come out with the hope of intercepting the ball in depth. It’s funny, The score was positive: 2-0.

Efforts are in vain

The first minutes of the second half would be decisive for the rest of the match. Even if the first period marked a huge down time for FC des Étangs, it would only take one goal to completely restart the match. Returning at half-time, Valentin Gohier found himself, fortunately, in the area, facing the goalkeeper, at the end of the ball for 2-1, but sure surprised to find himself in such a favorable position that he missed completely his shot (57′). This action is a reminder of the extreme domination of AG Caen in this match. After only 70 minutes of play, the Manche club monopolize the ball And look oppressive Without any fear, danger arises.

On the coast, AG Caen masters his opponent And manage your advantage without being afraid. On their numerous counter-attacks, the Caen offensives carried out several actions which would have had the merit of worsening the score, such as in the 76th minute, on a cross from the right, Sami Labiss took over the volley ballwhich is perfectly released by the one-armed goalkeeper.

“A solid match”

The choices of the AG Caen coach paid off, after observing a « lack of efficiency not at the level of R2 », Grégory Hue and his available staff opted for « a fairly offensive team composition ». The 2-0 score after half an hour of play is the perfect illustration of what was put in place by the Caen coach. When AG Caen arrives in real life, AG Caen wins these matches. This is why winning against a better-ranked opponent is not so much a surprise for the coach: “we had a very strong first half, afterwards, we knew how to stay solid”.

AG Caen B Provisional pass seventh, ahead of Ifs and Tourlaville in the standings, who are currently two matches behind, and getting closer to Avranches C. It is difficult to draw conclusions from these championship days truncated by the reports. In the meantime, the next meeting of the Caennais is scheduled for March 17 against Avranches. This match is an opportunity for you get closer to them.

Videos: in the moment of action

The match sheet

Score: 2-0 (2-0 MT)

Referee: A.Longuet

But: Y.Arbouz (18′), B.Ameline (27′)

Warning: M.Yvrande (69′) / P.Joli (57′)

AG Caen B: A.Barry, A.Camara, JM.Hatci, M.Yvrande, J.Teissedre, D.Grégoire, B.Renaux, J.Dartois, B.Ameline, Y.Arbouz, S.Labiss
Remp: I.Ibnoulmalih, R.Morel, C.Deve

Coach: Grégory Hue

FC Des Étangs: J.Leblond, R.Dupont, V.Hopquin, M.Legoy, P.Joli, T.Delarue, C.Michel, P.Havin, N.Marie, J.Lebouteiller, O.Masset
Substitutes: V. Gohier, N. Lecarpentier, L. Valy

Coach: Arnaud Pommier

Killian STUPAR

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