Soon a minimum wage in a women’s league? / Spain / La Liga /

They present the fronts.

The new Spanish professional league has been evolving for 3 months now without a collective agreement. The problem is bigger than it is at the refereeing level, you don’t have to worry about it being a problem. But another subject could initiate the beginnings of equity between male and female discipline. According to Mundo Deportivothe Liga Femminile have reportedly promised to present a minimum wage proposal, for the next meeting on January 18.

The players’ union (FUTPRO) demands a salary of at least 50,000 euros per. But almost all the clubs present at the negotiating table agreed that some clubs would not survive it. Consequently, the League would have put forward the idea of ​​a gradual increase in this minimum wage. Simply put, as Spanish women’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé) develops and therefore generates more benefits for all clubs, this salary grid will increase.

Step by step…