Sports – Football – Coupe de Provence: Rousset’s main priority before the cup

After the new home defeat against Corte (0-2), FC Rousset was given a cheap chance on the Gallia Lucciana pitch last weekend in N3. Yes, but there you have it, the magic of sport always works where you least expect it and the Roussetains went for a superb success that no one believed in, except of course the players themselves and the staff. This victory (0-4) did a world of good, first in the minds and then in the standings since three second points separate them from 10th, ES Cannet-Rocheville.

The staff retains this victory and three points: « After our misstep against Corte, we absolutely had to come back with a positive result from Lucciana. Benefits from two seasons of work to improve game plans and automation between players. The players played a very good match with a lot of self-sacrifice, solidarity and technical mastery. « We have to maintain a series of victories in order to hope to achieve the goal of maintaining it. »

Also, in the 1/8th final of the Coupe Provence, FC Rousset is the title holder, which will allow us to prepare before hosting AS Cagnes le Cros even next day for a crucial match. The team will never be able to go back, explains Nordine Assami: « We have an expanded squad and the objective is to give everyone plenty of playing time. As far as we are from weakening ourselves for this match, we are playing to the fullest. »

For Daniel Jean-Alphonse, the new coach, the coupe is good, but…: « The Coupe de Provence is one of the most important rests for the club and the magical grandeur in palmar weather. It is very attractive for players, especially when you reach the final. The item is the club’s priority and is the main equipment of the N3 first team. Also, if you return this coupe, it will not be cleaned during the season because unfortunately, we will not arrive until we remain in N3. »

NOTWe’re not there yet and with 8 days to go, there’s still hope. A cup victory in Berre would be welcome to capitalize on this great victory in Corsica.

Berre SPC – FC RoussetCoupe de Provence (1/8th final)

3 p.m., Charles Galetti Stadium.