Super football league: Gaïca beats Lossi 1-0

This Saturday, Gaïca took the pass over Lossi, bringing the game 1-0. Last weekend.

The match between Gaïca and Lossi ended in a victory for the promoted Gaïca 1 to 0. A victory which consolidates its second place in the championship. “The objective is to maintain because we arrive with a lot of humilityIndian Jaimie Waimo, president of ASC Gaïca. We are going to rub shoulders with teams that are already in the super league who have experience, from the bottle. We are here to learn. If there is victory match by match, so much the better. Good for the group and for the club. »

For him, it is important that the players stay focused. “We avoid looking at the classification, the points, he continues. We must not ask questions and continue to work and remain humble. The match is made to transform and that’s what happened today. »

A match that did not take place under ordinary conditions. After the aggression of one of their last weekend, the Super League referees are on strike. A movement followed by a large majority of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) officials. This is a strong gesture on the part of the Federal Association of Arbitrators, according to Eric Pougin, the new president.

« It was to show our disagreement, he explains. Once the association has been set up, it will, through the referees, begin to thunder the various actions to be put in place following this violence committed against a referee. It’s also fed up, which we Super League referees also encounter every weekend. There, it was universal physical violence. But every weekend, they are verbal. This violence exists in the first and second divisions as well as in futsal.

Asked about the issue, Jaimie Waimo said to be « solidarity ». “We fully understand the protest movement and the awareness that the referees want to show through this strike”he assures.

The Association remains determined and has decided to undertake a mood swing that will go crescendo. « We have planned other movements because we find that it is still serious », Indian Eric Pougin. He points your finger « the administrative slowness of the federation. Three months to designate culprits: we must not exaggerate. We know that the fede will sanction but three months is a long time. During this time, we will show our disagreement until we have had the real sanction against the club. »

It should be noted that in the event of the absence of the referee, the regulations provide that the two teams must agree on his replacement by an official referee who does not belong to either of the two clubs present.

The results of this 15e day of the cagou elite championship:

The class on the question of the 4 meetings is disputed over the 6 days of the 15th day of the Super League: