UEFA relocate the Champions League final to Portugal – C1 – Final

Never two without three.

According to Daily mail, UEFA would have led to discussions to relocate the Champions League final to Lisbon. Initially planned in Istanbul, it could possibly be played in Portugal because of the civil unrest caused by the presidential election in Turkey. However, the authority remains reluctant to this idea, since this event has already been moved twice from Istanbul, because of the Covid in 2020 and 2021. According to information from the post sports, an informal approach would have been made to the Portuguese (Site notre bureau spécialisé) federation, which intervened for the two finals in Lisbon and Porto.

The results of the Turkish election will fall on May 28, two weeks before the final, which could push UEFA ahead of a late decision on the location of the game. For the moment, there are no plans to move it, but it is a precautionary measure to avoid an incident resembling that of last year at the Stade de France.

But let everyone be reassured: this year, Gérald Darmanin will not be part of the party. yay

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