Why Christian Streich should be sitting on a beach chair today

Felt truth: The last contemporary witnesses who still know of a Bundesliga in which Christian Streich has not always coached Freiburg should be dead by now. The Ur-Breisgauer has been on the fringes of SC for at least an eternity.

But what is it in games, such an eternity?

Now we have it in writing: an eternity is about 340 games. Streich himself probably isn’t all that interested in catching up with SCF coach legend Volker Finke in today’s game against Eintracht Frankfurt, but a commemorative beach chair Volker Finke on the Freiburg sideline would have been appropriate anyway.

Against SBU, it would certainly do the trick to celebrate the record set today, but also a slightly improved performance at the 0:6 swatter against Wolfsburg this weekend.